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Danish Science Journalists Association

Danish Science Journalists Association was founded in 1976. The purpose of the Association is to support professionals working to communicate information on science and technology in public media.

Today, we have around 150 members; journalists and editors at newspapers, radio, television and magazines as well as freelancers. Other members are information officers from universities and public research institutions as well as other professional communicators of science.


The association has an electronic mailing list, where information as interesting press releases or invitations as well as job opportunities are distributed to members.

Typically, we have four to six arrangements per year. It is the experience of the Board that arrangements with an element of debate or education generates most interest among the members. Some examples are a seminar on critical science journalism and a recent course on the proper use of illustrations in science features.

The financial backbone of the Association is the members contributions; currently 400 DKK per member per year. Besides, we find sponsors for specific arrangements. Premises for such arrangements are often provided for free by institutions and media.


Genius Prize

Danish Science Journalist’s Association award the “Genius Prize” to individuals or media, who has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of science journalism. The prize is not awarded annually, but only when the Board nominate a candidate.

The Genius Prize was awarded for the first time in 1996.

  • 2009 The DNA researcher Eske Willerslev and historian Charlotte SH Jensen shared the prize. Eske Willerslev has an impressive range of communication in public successes behind him, combined with a unique tour de force through academia. Charlotte SH Jensen has been a (ildsjæl) for many new research communication initiatives, including www.formidlingsnet.dk and www.historie-online.dk
  • 2004 Videnskabscaféen (Science Café) which provides unique events that enable scientists and citizens to have fruitful dialogues. The informal settings of a café allow wide audiences to meet prominent scholars and participate into lively discussions on current scientific issues in Danish research.
  • 2001 The Danish TV-Program “Viden Om” received the price.
  • 1999 the Genius Prize was awarded to the popular science magazine Illustreret Videnskab (Science Illustrated) for eminent communication of science to a large audience including a lot of young people, and for its profound influence on science journalism in other Danish media.
  • 1997 we awarded the Prize to the daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende for publishing the science supplement “Universe”.
  • 1996 to Joachim Jerrik, a radio and television journalist, who has made science interesting for generations of Danes.


European cooperation

Danish Science Journalists Association is a member of The European Union of Science Journalists’ Association, EUSJA.

For further information please contact the National delegate:

Jesper Odde Madsen, Email:  jm@jespermadsen.dk


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